Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Casino Bad Homburg: Over 1 Million Euros Stolen

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There was a lot going on at the casino in Bad Homburg! The venue, which is supposed to provide mainly with own evening offers for discussion material, got now because of completely different things into the headlines: An employee is to have stolen together with two accomplices approximately 1.1 million euro from the existence of the gaming house. The main suspect sits already in custody, of the money is missing however each trace.

Not particularly cleverly employed

As in the famous Oceans – row, in which Casino robbers emptied numerous large Casinos at the Strip in Las Vegas, has itself a former employee the Spielbank Bad Homburg obviously together with two colleagues likewise as Casino Bandit tried – with far less success than the models in the Hollywood strips. All three are rid of their job, the main suspect is already in custody. The only problem: The 1.1 million euro loot has not yet appeared. But in turn.

After the gaming house had held itself back in the days directly after the becoming known of the incident with expressions still, on past Thursday some information was published. One wanted to wait only for the special meeting of the administrative board, is called it from official side of the gamblingablissements. The most important first: An explanation, why the perpetrator or perpetrators committed their act, could not supply the responsible persons yet. Anyway, there are some big questions, for example: Why did the main suspect strike in a room in which several cameras are active?

Quick access after the second act

Either way the questions about the course of events remained unanswered, which the casino management did not want to comment further with reference to the ongoing investigations. However, Kurdirektor Holger Reuter explained that the employee obviously used an “internal interface” for his action . After all it is not in such a way that “in the morning an coworker fetches the incomes from the safe and brings on foot by the cure park to the bank”. Instead, it is a complex process to secure cash transports. Again, information could be provided by the operators about the deeds themselves. Thus the perpetrator is said to have struck for the first time in January and to have captured a amount of around 300,000 euros in the foreign exchange area . The problem: The crime at that time did not create a really close circle of perpetrators. Actually also outsiders came into question with this incident. The Casino decided therefore to let the business run only once regularly further, placed at the same time however charge. Reuter explained:

“We worked closely with the criminal investigation department and the public prosecutor’s office, adapted our internal control system and included a top forensic expert and a renowned law firm.”

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The casino’s wait-and-see approach then paid off: A few weeks later a new incident occurred. This time a loss of approximately 800,000 euro was discovered in the Tresor of the casino. The circle of offenders was in this case clearly smaller and in such a way explained Reuter that within 48 hours after the second act an access took place. Additionally the Kurchef supplemented that one is convinced of the own safety system and this functioned. After all, it had been able to turn the suspect into an alleged perpetrator. Although this incident occurred in March, the suspect was not arrested until the end of April. The Casino guidance justifies this with high legal hurdles with the evaluation of video material. Differently than for example in the Oceans films, not each square meter would be video-monitored in the German gaming houses. Besides the absence of the money was obviously not noticed immediately.

Game bank gives itself stresses cool

How highly the financial damage for the gaming house will precipitate, is so far not yet foreseeable, since is not yet clear, how much money is to be got with the accused ones. Fact is however that the gaming house guidance did not lose the Coolness despite the unfavorable situation. So Reuter explained that one is insured and that the insurance was included in the investigations early on. At the same time the Kurchef gave to know that there were already several criminal incidents in its approximately 33-j?hrige time with the gaming house and the gaming house is not the first and only, which is affected by criminals. Reuter adds:

“We are also a reflection of society, but in a company with around 240 employees it is not possible without trust.”

Thus one must not assume a criminal behind every “bush”, even if the defendant or defendants in this case proceeded with a lot of criminal energy. The task of the casino is to close the possible loopholes for criminals. One will have ?however again and again a rotten egg in the basket ?, so Reuter. What happens with the two alleged accomplices , is so far still unclear. Differently than the main suspect, these do not sit in remand. The job at the casino is however also loose them. Whether there will be a possible return for the two, if the innocence can be proven in the procedure, the guidance of the gaming house did not want to show so far yet. Possibly it comes here in the future still to further labor-legal problems for the Casino, over which then under circumstances again one or several courts must decide.

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