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Uk Gambling Commission

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There are probably only a few industries in which regulation is as necessary as in the gambling sector. There are countless providers, each of whom must have at least one official licence. The regulation is enormously important, because only each player knows that its employment is in good hands and real chances on a profit exist. Exactly such an authority is the UK Gambling Commission, which is responsible for numerous online casinos.

If you play online, you should always take a look at the license of your casino. If the provider can present a license from the Gambling Commission, this is proof of the serious way the casino works. If such a license is not available, no safe game can be guaranteed. In this case no account should be opened with this provider.

What is the UK Gambling Commission?

How do providers get the license?

In order to get a license from the UKGC, providers have to create a secure environment for the players and their data.

Important criteria

The UK Gambling Commission, which is also known in German as the British Gaming Authority, is the licensing authority of Great Britain. The provider is responsible for all companies and people who provide gambling in Great Britain. It is also responsible for the well-known National Lottery. The UKGC focuses its activities on the three main areas: Public, Gambling and Licensing. In other words, every UK gaming operator must be able to pass the Gambling Commission’s tests and examinations.

This is how the authority works

Before an online casino can entertain British players, a major hurdle must be overcome with the UK Gambling Commission. An offerer may not start simply in such a way, but is taken in the apron by the regulatory authority completely exactly under the magnifying glass. In plain language this means, for example, that the first step is to look at the background of the provider. If criminal structures are possibly involved here, such companies are immediately sorted out and are out of the question for obtaining a gambling license. The same applies to the owners of the company. They are also thoroughly checked to find out whether these persons are serious and trustworthy enough. In addition to seriousness, finances also play an important role. Every provider must be able to prove that he is financially well positioned and that the winnings can be guaranteed to be paid out to the players. The competence and the player protection or the integrity of a provider also play an important role. Bottom line can be said thus: Who holds a license of the UK Gambling Commission, these earned itself honestly.

The advantages of the Casinos with license of the UKGC

The advantages of the play in a regulated on-line Casino might be clear. Every player can rely on a reputable framework and on being treated fairly. We’ve looked at the specific benefits of regulation by the UK Gambling Commission. And we have listed these in detail below.

Player protection

Every online casino must adhere to strict guidelines regarding player protection. And the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for controlling these safeguards. To be precise, this means that online casinos can, for example, provide certain safeguards for the handling of player data. Where there is a lot of money involved, criminals are always on the lookout for ways to access players’ data. To prevent this from happening, the UKGC regularly checks the extent to which the protection of player data is implemented in an online casino. Such requirements are of course not only checked in day-to-day business, but also before a license is granted. This means that every player can be sure that the data is processed with the utmost care. All providers with a licence from the UK Gambling Commission thus promise first-class protection against cyber attacks and thus also against possible “plundering” by Internet criminals.

Faires Spiel

Another essential component of the work of the UK Gambling Commission is the guarantee of fair play. The authority makes sure that every player starts with equal chances and every player can really hope for a win with his provider. By the way, it doesn’t matter if it’s Roulette, Blackjack or Slots. All games are reviewed and are therefore absolutely fair. This is guaranteed by the “Random Number Generator” (RNG), which can easily be translated into German as a random number generator. This random number generator ensures, for example, that random cards are used in Blackjack or that completely independent results are found in the slot for each reel spin. The operation of these random number generators is checked regularly, so that a good feeling can be promised permanently during the game. By the way: Many casinos with license of the UKGC grant double protection in this regard, since they let their random generators and payout ratios again separately by independent enterprises examine.

Player’s balance must be kept separate from corporate assets

If a casino wishes to obtain a license from the UK authorities, the provider must be able to guarantee the security of all players’ deposits. Not only against the possible threats from cyber criminals, but also with a view to their own misconduct. In detail this means: Should an online casino get into financial difficulties, the player’s money must not be affected. The UKGC ensures this by granting the licence only if the player’s balance is kept separate from the rest of the company’s assets. If the provider is then threatened with financial difficulties, the players’ money will not be affected and they can simply pay out their balance. This is an extremely important aspect, especially for players who play regularly and also store large sums in their player account over a longer period of time.

Contact person in case of complaint

In the best case everything goes according to plan in an online casino: The player deposits, places his stakes and pays out his winnings. In the past it came however again and again to disputes between the players and on-line Casinos. The players often felt disadvantaged and in many cases helpless. After all, apart from the casino itself, no other contact person was available. By the UKGC this circumstance changed clearly. If players feel unfairly treated or even deceived by a casino, this can quite simply be reported to the British authorities. This will then carry out investigations and will sanction the provider if necessary. That is an enormous advantage for all players, because otherwise for example a possible complaint against an operator would be nearly impossible. The providers are located outside the Federal Republic of Germany, which makes the whole thing much more difficult and above all more expensive. In this sense the UKGC is thus a first-class approach place for problems with British on-line Casinos.

How I recognize Casinos with license of the UK Gambling Commission?

To be able to discover the respectable offerers with a license of the UK Gambling Commission, completely simply our homepage can be used. At in the area of British online casinos exclusively providers are listed who work with a license of the UKGC. In other words, every player is definitely on the right side and can’t do anything wrong. Alternatively, you can check the website of the UK Gaming Authority directly. Here you can of course find all providers that are equipped with a license of this authority.

Players should check the UKGC homepage for the license number. This must match the license number on the provider’s website. If this is the case, a regular license and a secure offer can be assumed. If the two numbers do not match, something may be wrong. So it would be wrong to just have a quick look at the provider’s website and look for the UKGC logo here. To put this without a valid license on your own site is no problem for fraudsters.

How does a complaint work?

If you really want to complain about the services or the work of an online casino, you will find on the website of the British authorities an exact default, which should be adhered to. In the first step the players must examine first of all all trading conditions with the offerer, which are relevant for the own case and which concern own account. The player is then contacted by the provider, who has set up a complaints section specifically for this purpose in many cases. If this is not the case, the way is via customer support. Or alternatively via the UGKC website, where contacts for all licensed casinos can be found. It is important that all relevant facts are mentioned in the conversation with the contact person. The provider will face the problem and then contact the player again. Should the players not be satisfied with the process, the UKGC can be contacted again. With the help of the so-called ADR program further investigations are then carried out, which contribute to the clarification of the case. For more detailed information, please visit the Gambling Commission’s Complaints Office a.

The history of the UK Gambling Commission

The establishment of the Gambling Commission dates back to 2005, the year in which the Gambling Act was passed in Great Britain, which provided for the creation of a separate gambling authority. Two years later, the UGKC also became active in practice and has since been responsible for controlling the gaming market in Great Britain. This includes not only sports betting and casinos, but also the National Lottery. Over the years, the authority’s remit has expanded considerably. Since 2014, the provider is no longer only responsible for land-based providers within Great Britain, but also for online casinos and the so-called off-shore casinos. Off-shore casinos are providers that have their headquarters in Malta, for example, but still serve British players. These providers must also have a licence from the British Gaming Authority. By the way: The UKGC is not only responsible for England, but also for players from Wales and Scotland. If an offerer would like to offer its plays in these countries, a license of the British authority must be present.


Each player can it happen that he feels unfairly treated or with the achievements of an on-line Casinos is not content. In a regulated market, you can quickly find suitable contact points, including the UK Gambling Commission. The authority takes care of all problems of the players and makes sure that the providers comply with all legal requirements regarding player and data protection.

Hopefully this guide could help to better understand the way the British authority works. Also of interest are the alternative guides to the working methods of the Malta Gaming Authority and of the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, with whom the UKGC works closely due to the enormous number of online casinos.

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