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Cmc Markets Review

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Whoever does not only need the thrill of trading stock exchange products, but also an individual strategy with which concrete market knowledge can be profitably implemented, needs, among other things, a large selection of stocks. This requirement is met in any case by the online broker CMC Markets, where more than 10,000 tradable securities are available for CFD trading. There are also 340 currency pairs and other Forex products such as commodities and precious metals. In addition, CMC Markets offers the trader a respectable range of services, education and news from the financial world, so that it should always be possible to trade on the basis of current market information.

The first impression this online broker has given us seems to be perfect in any case, especially as it can also refer to regulation. But as always, we think it is a good idea to take a second look for a resilient judgement. For this purpose, we have undertaken this provider for a detailed test, and tried to determine how the everyday trade with this provider is structured. Of course, in this context we also wanted to know whether it was a reputable representative, who the traders neither have to fear fraud nor rip-off.

Our experience with CMC Markets at a glance

The online broker for trading CFD products as well as forex instruments initially actually convinces with a huge selection of tradable underlying assets. According to CMC Markets, a total of more than 10,000 individual securities are available. In total, the available stocks of around 20 international trading centres can be accessed. In addition, there are products and trading instruments from Forex, including an impressive selection of 340 currency pairs as well as commodities and precious metals. With such a large selection it is important to offer the trader not only the technical tools for trading, but also extensive support in terms of content. In the case of CMC Markets, customers can always rely on a strong partner whose offers in the areas of training, background information, market news, but also support and service go far beyond the standards in the industry.

The favourable conditions at which this extensive range of services is offered are astounding. While no fees for the account guidance or also deposits and disbursements must be feared, also the trade takes place to pleasing favorable conditions.

Is CMC Markets respectable or not?

To a test, which really wants to consider all important aspects of a offerer, naturally also the question about the seriosity of a offerer belongs. With it first the concrete handling with the customers is meant, thus the way, how the offerer informs and treats its investors. Beyond that it is however naturally just as important to know, which concrete measures seize in the emergency case, in order to protect the financial inserts of the customers. At both levels, we have come to know CMC Markets as a serious and reliable partner. The pages provide detailed information about the corporate philosophy that focuses on the client. Services and conditions which, in our experience, are also correctly observed in trade are presented transparently. Since trust is good, but control is better, customers can also rely on higher authorities to ensure that central standards are adhered to when it comes to protecting the interests of investors. The London-based broker is regulated by the UK-based FCA. Against this background, investors can rely on all major standards and rest assured that fraud and rip-offs are irrelevant.

Good conditions for trading with numerous underlying securities

Whoever wants to be successful on the markets in the long term first needs a clear strategy and the ability to implement this strategy technically. Beyond that the fees and costs, which develop in connection with the trade, are no less of importance for the long-term net yield, because at least seen on a long-term basis these affect likewise the entire net yield. With a view to the conditions that traders expect from CMC Markets, however, it can be assumed that the market return achieved is only marginally burdened by costs and fees associated with trading. As already mentioned, the online broker offers an extremely broad selection of tradable underlying securities. In the CFD area, equities are the most widely available. The Forex market also offers an extensive selection of currency pairs, as well as commodities and precious metals. Bonds and indices are also available for CFD trading.

While CFDs with commissions are traded on equities, the spread is decisive for Forex products. In the corresponding tables you can read the commissions that the trader expects in trading. For example, a commission of 0.08 percent can be assumed for trading in German equities, with a minimum commission of 9 euros. For US shares CFDs, on the other hand, a commission of 2 cents per share or at least 10 US dollars applies. On the many other markets which are made available via CMC Markets, similarly favourable conditions apply which we cannot go into in detail here.

On the other hand, trading in currency pairs takes place on the basis of spreads, i.e. a price premium which in principle forms on the market and depends on the respective liquidity of a currency pair. For this reason, spreads may also differ depending on the market situation and, in particular, on the currency pair selected. Thus, when trading the Euro / US Dollar currency pair, a spread of at least 0.7 percent must be expected. Other, less strongly traded currency pairs have a significantly higher spread.

Finally, we would like to talk again about the levers that are possible in trading via the broker. Here, too, the possible leverage depends on the type of underlying asset. To stay with the example of the Euro / US Dollar: Here a leverage of 1:500 is possible, which corresponds to a margin of 0.2 percent. For commodities, the leverage is between 1:200 for gold and 1:33 for natural gas. Shares can also be traded with leverage ratios of up to 1:500.

No copayment bonus for new customers

If the broker offers a lot in trading, investors who also expected a bonus must be disappointed at this point. Differently than most on-line brokers CMC Markets renounces to equip new customers with additional commercial capital. This business policy is not to be evaluated in our estimation overall as disadvantage, in particular, because the disbursement of such a bonus is bound in the very most cases to extensive conditions. Ultimately, these conditions are intended to encourage the investor to deposit higher amounts into the trading account on the one hand, and to become more involved in trading on the other. Especially for newcomers who have yet to gather their experience in trading with leveraged products, such an additional incentive does not always have a positive effect.

However, this does not mean that there is no bonus at all at CMC Markets. Additional trading capital can be earned by attracting new customers. The bonus lies here with 200 euro.

Ein- und Auszahlung mit credit card und Bank├╝berweisung

To a fully functional offerer belongs naturally also that money can be deposited comfortably and fast on the trade account. In the same way it should be possible to retrieve the credit on the trading account in an uncomplicated way. In the case of CMC Markets, exactly two options are available. On the one hand money can be deposited with a credit card to the trading account. For this several providers are accepted. Money can be deposited with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Deposits are possible thereby exclusively in euro.

Beyond that it is possible to capitalize the trade account with a conventional bank transfer. After the registration of an account the customer receives an individual account number, which must be indicated with the transfer beside the general bank connection. CMC Markets does not charge any fees. However, an external fee of 1.8 percent must be charged for credit card deposits. Here the Online Broker offers to pay this fee from a deposit amount of 15,000 Euros if it is the first deposit.

The same methods that are offered for the deposit are also available for payouts. Again, no fees are charged by CMC Markets. The payment itself is triggered via the investor’s account. Payments can only be made to reference accounts that are clearly attributable to the trader. For this reason it is necessary that the account holder verifies himself as the holder.

All in order with deposit security and regulation

Whom in trading a high return is important, he should of course also ensure that the money he trades with is in good and trusting hands. Because the best strategy is of little use if the credit is reduced at the end by fraud or rip-off, or even completely lost. To avoid this, you should pay attention to some details before choosing the right online broker. This includes first and foremost that it is a provider who not only complains about a responsible handling of customer money, but also implements appropriate measures.

In the case of CMC Markets, however, clients can rely on a sufficiently high level and assume that they will not be left empty-handed even in the worst case, i.e. if the provider becomes insolvent. Basically, two levels are relevant to prevent such a scenario. First, there are regulators who monitor compliance with important standards in business processes. As a UK registered company, CMC Markets is supervised by FCA. The second level of protection is that client funds and corporate funds are kept clearly separate from each other. In concrete terms, renowned banking institutions are commissioned to manage customers’ assets separately so that they can be paid out even after insolvency. This measure also protects the funds through British deposit insurance.

The investment-can-rely-on-a-good-support”The investment-can-rely-on-a-good-support

A-good online broker can be recognized by the fact that the service does not have to be used in the first place, because everything works. If there are then nevertheless at any place problems, it is good to know beyond that however good that a competent and simply attainable support is available.

Our experience showed also here that the 25 years experience, on which the broker can look back meanwhile, make itself noticeable also by the fact that the investors can access a well thought out total product. Questions and problems should arise in this connection only in exceptional cases. If this is the case, however, competent and German-language support is available. For this purpose, an appropriate telephone number can be dialed. Alternatively, an email form is also available to describe the specific problem. An answer will not be long in coming, if necessary a concrete telephone appointment will be arranged. A live chat is not available.

In total, investors can rely on the support of CMC Markets in all respects.

well thought-out structure of the website

The website of CMC Markets also clearly shows that it comes from a provider with many years of market experience. The appearance is altogether very functional and clear, and makes an effective orientation for the visitor possible in this way. Beside information to the conditions, which apply in the trade with the available products, also a set of additional offers in the range further training and information is made available in the context of on-line appearance, which are a genuine assistance to the investors in the daily trade.

The offer also includes a demo account with which CMC Markets can risk-free test the opportunities that CMC Markets offers its customers in trading. In connection with the further training offers a systematic and continuous build-up of experience and trading knowledge is possible. Who is interested thus as investors in a personal advancement, finds a quite suitable partner with CMC Markets.

To a offerer, who offers its customers above average approximately around the trade, belongs naturally also the possibility of participating mobile in the trade. The software solution called Next Generation is the basis for retail. This is offered also in different mobile versions, so that the Trader can notice most flexibly and independently of the domestic computer opportunities at the stock exchange. The mobile apps, which are available for iPhone, iPad and Android, can be obtained free of charge via the website and offer the full range of instruments and underlyings for trading. The possibilities of mobile trading have also fully convinced us.

Conclusion – All possibilities in trading with CMC Markets

The online broker CMC Markets manages to win a broad spectrum of customers with its offer, as it offers a huge variety of underlyings in terms of selection, and at the same time enables trading at competitive conditions. Every trader is free to pursue his own strategies and goals in trading. It does not matter whether small amounts are entered or large sums are invested in trading. Beginners can go besides the first steps with the demo account, without taking a financial risk.

And also in genuine trade the financial risk is limited, since it concerns a regulated offerer, which keeps all important standards. Thus the assets are always secured against loss and also before fraud or Abzocke the customers do not have to be afraid.

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