Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Etoro Offers A Total Of 100 New Instruments

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The Online Broker eToro has been offering a total of 100 new instruments for trading via its online platform since December 2015. It offers two new indices (JPN225 and ITA40) and a large number of Italian and Spanish stocks. The number of Exchange Traded Funds, EFTs for short, from many countries has also increased further.

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From which sectors do the new eToro instruments originate?

The new instruments and shares offered at eToro originate, for example, from utilities and companies active in the consumer goods sector. eToro’s expanded portfolio helps investors to position themselves much better and to invest in new assets. The diversification of eToro’s own investment strategy thus reaches a new dimension.

The inclusion of ETFs in eToro’s offering in particular helps to significantly expand the portfolio. The well-known ETFs SPDR or Spider as well as QQQ or IWM can now be used to invest. The DIA ETF is also available to eToro traders. There are already about 30 ETFs on offer from eToro and it has already been announced that the number will be further increased in 2016.

eToro is known as Social Trading Provider where traders can network with other traders and discuss investment strategies. There is even a CopyTrading technology, which was particularly patented. With this technology, traders can automatically copy the portfolio of other traders if they bet on the same strategy.

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