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Interactive Option Review

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Attention: Interactive Option does not accept new customers. Please use our Broker Comparison and choose an alternative broker like IQ Option or BDSwiss.

In the Binary Options Broker Interactive Option is a true newcomer. In order to stand out from the mass of brokers, Interactive Option relies on a very modern website and good option selection. In the test we examined thoroughly whether the offerer is respectable. In addition it was considered, how the offer is to be evaluated altogether.

The offer in the overview

On the overcrowded market of the binary options Brokers must let themselves newcomers come up with a quantity, in order to be noticed by traders. With interactive options, one can therefore hope for a high innovation potential. At least on basis of the provided net yields of up to 90 per cent the offerer makes in our binary options broker comparison a fair and interesting impression.

target group check

According to the requirement Interactive option is equally suitable for a risers and professionals. In order to receive meaningful assistance like Webinars and analyses however a higher deposit must be carried out. This, in turn, cannot be expected from beginners. For them there are therefore probably brokers with better conditions and more interesting achievements. In addition, traders hope in vain for a free demo account. Interactive option is also thereby not necessarily the first choice with beginners, who would like to collect their first experiences risk-free.

To the target group belong expressly also faithful Muslims. Due to the broker’s connection to Muslim-influenced countries, customers can open a Muslim trading account. This ensures compliance with Sharia law. An interesting additional offer, which is only made by a few binary options brokers.

Trading Platform

Interactive Option relies on the proven SpotOption system for its trading platform. Well-known brokers such as BDSwiss and TopOption also use the program as a platform. SpotOption is characterised by a high level of user-friendliness, a comprehensive overview and intuitive trading options. In our test, the trading platform made a valuable and solid impression.

We would like to advise against mobile trading as always. To speculate, prices and charts should be clearly displayed in order to be able to carry out a precise analysis. Professionals and traders with experience can use the corresponding apps with Interactive Option. These are available in the Google Play Store and for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store. Users of other devices are excluded. We do not assume that the broker will make improvements here.

trading opportunities

The Interactive Option investment index promises over 200 tradable underlying securities. In reality, however, the figure is significantly lower, as assets depend on the type of membership. In our test we had the choice between about 80 different stocks. However, the high number of pairs for pair trading, which is set very high with a total of seven options, is pleasing. The service is available for stocks, commodities, indices and currencies.

Order possibilities

Internet Option can be seen compared to other brokers, especially with regard to the many types of trading. In addition to the classic options in the call and put area, the portal provides turbo options which can be used to generate high profits within a few minutes. We are pleased about the renunciation of the popular 30 second options. They are very risky and have little to do with precise market analysis. This is pure speculation, which we do not support in the area of professional trading.

In addition to the aforementioned pair trading, traders can work with range options, i.e. the determination of a corridor in which prices move. What is missing is a function for creating individual options.

Unternehmenscheck Interactive Option

It is one of the youngest brokers on the current market. Due to the abundance of different providers it has Interactive Option comparatively difficult and therefore it boots for attention. Traders have only been able to trade via the portal since summer 2013. Since then, thousands of private investors have already found their way to the financial markets on a regular basis.

There is not much revealed about one’s own history. Instead, it briefly explains who is pulling the strings in the background. The company has been in existence since 2005. Two financial experts with extensive experience in the field of trading have joined forces with an investor from Kuwait to establish the portal as a binary options broker with greater transparency. The focus is on fairness and integrity.

customer service and security

Interactive Option provides excellent customer support for German customers. This can be reached by e-mail or via the German hotline and was able to answer our questions quickly and securely.

In our test, we first had to register for the live chat via Facebook – anyone who is not registered there will also not receive any support. We could not contact the staff via the contact form. There still seem to be some problems here. All in all, the broker has a lot of catching up to do.

Multilingualism is worth mentioning: In addition to English, French and Russian, traders can also trade in German. The translation is at some places on the website only very spongy, perfect German is not offered.

SSL encryption is used for the transfer of funds to and from Interactive Option. Nowadays this is urgently necessary to prevent the illegal tapping of data at least partially.

The Interactive Option brand is backed by the company Interactive Option Pegase Capital Limited and the head office is, as so often in Cyprus. Under the license number 225/14 the regulation takes place according to EU guidelines. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Cypriot financial supervisory authority, is already entrusted with many other brokers in the area of binary options and therefore knows their daily business very well. Companies are watched closely over their shoulders to prevent inconsistencies. In the end, this protects traders in particular, who can be very sure when registering with the broker. Despite the early opening date in summer 2013, the official licensing for Interactive Option came only in February 2014.

customer_money and disbursement

With Interactive Option, account management in US dollars and euros is possible. While in the beginning a minimum deposit of 500 Euro was required, the broker decided to reduce the amount to 250 Euro. Thus the offerer lies however still over the average.

Inpayments can be made with Interactive option over the well-known methods: by credit card, bank transfer and Skrill. Gradually new transaction possibilities are added, so that meanwhile among other things also deposits are accepted by PayPal.

Hints on the Interactive Option Outpayment

In the World Wide Web few experiences are present, which refer concretely to the payment modalities. We have made positive experiences in the broker test. As indicated, the money was transferred to us within 13 working days. Annoying: a second payment in a calendar month costs 25 Euro.

Bonus and premiums for Interactive Option

Added: We are not fans of tiered bonuses. Interactive Option adds to this by classifying customers into different account types. Account types, minimum deposits and bonuses in the brief overview:

Depending on the status, available assets and aids such as financial analysis, webinars and trading signals change. Special advantages are also provided. The exact performance per account type can be viewed on the pages of Interactive Option.

All in all, the bonuses are rather poor. In order to be able to let pay out the bonus of 500 euro in the highest membership level the 40-fold conversion of the amount is necessary. Other binary options Brokers have here clearly more customer-friendly offers.

Ist Interactive Option Fraud?

Because of the badly translated website and the lack of support, the impression can quickly arise that the broker is not serious. However, this should not be judged prematurely. One of the reasons for their reliability is that an address proof must be provided to open an account with Interactive Option. The references to legal obligations as well as the regulation within the EU make Interactive Option a serious partner for trading with binary options. Through the control of CySEC, the broker is also listed with the German BaFin.

Opinions in the World Wide Web

In Germany, the Binary Options Broker has so far addressed few customers. The experiences of other traders are correspondingly rare. We have therefore looked around the English evaluations. There are no indications of fraud or ambiguities. The broker is characterized by comprehensive transparency and makes payouts very reliably. All in all, a fair business model is offered, which will definitely develop further in the coming years. The industry is guaranteed to reckon with Interactive Option. Similar conclusions are drawn by other experts who have taken a closer look at the provider.

In the overall view, the provider provides largely optimal conditions for trading with binary options. There is catching up need in puncto Kundenservice and bonus offers. The enterprise check shows that Interactive option is respectable and Trader can announce itself there surely. Although the broker is still very young Interactive option has an experienced and reliable team in the back, with which private dealers on the safe side are.


First I was not so convinced. The reason: there is no demo account. That’s why I first registered with Plus500 and did some trades with the play money account. At the same time, I checked the World Wide Web to find out what I had to pay attention to when trading. After I changed my account to Interactive Option, I was able to trade quickly due to the small trading size and am now really good. At the end of a day I always make 10 percent profit, which of course really adds up in the long run. For me, Interactive Option is a way to generate a passive additional income.

written 22 months ago


Slot says: best binary options broker! I have several reasons for this, which I would like to explain briefly and concisely in the following: The broker is very experienced on the one hand and belongs to a group of several brokers. This experience is always noticeable when I have a question or a problem and need to contact support. There I always get the best help and I can rely on the fact that I was not pulled over the table. Another positive aspect of Interactice Option, in my opinion, is that I can open a position for as little as 5 Euros. With my starting capital of 200 euros, that is 2.5 percent. However, I always trade with 10 euros, which corresponds to 5%. This allows me to spread my risk better.

written 20 months ago


For me Interactive Option is and remains the first choice for trading binary options. A wide variety of 100 underlyings and a total of seven instruments leave nothing to be desired.

written 12 months ago


Already with the simple options it is possible to achieve returns of up to 90 percent with Interactive Option. This is probably only possible with this broker. Unfortunately the offer is only available in English and French.

written 9 months ago

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